Emergency Preparedness
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Due to the severe weather, wildfires, and terrorism many parts of the country has suffered (or is still in fear of suffering from it), I feel it might be a good idea to be prepared for whatever may happen so that you may live independent of public utilities, food and water for a period of time.  A radio that doesn't require electricity (such as a crank radio or battery ) is essential.

It would be a good idea to stock up on food, water, and fuel.  All items should be properly and safely stored so that it won't spoil, become contaminated, or represent a safety hazard (in the case of flammables).  Water and fuel should be stored in proper, approved, containers in a secure location.  All items should be rotated, used periodically, and replaced with new to avoid the question of spoilage or contamination.  (I previously lived in an area that was in of being stranded due to flooding.)  I stocked up with at least 30 days supply of canned and dried food.  I never thought to rotate the food and was surprised when I moved and discovered canned goods over 5 years old which I promptly trashed!  That food would have been useless in an emergency!)  I did think to rotate the gasoline into my car instead of filling the tank.  Of course I used proper containers which were stored in an out building away from my home.  Should the fuel ever become unwanted, it can be donated to your fire department,  other public service agency, or charitable organization.

Remember, a hot water heater can be turned off, the water drained and used for cooking or drinking. 

Be prepared, have a pre-paid calling card ready for emergency use"


    Search Our Prepaid Phone Card Rates  

 Emergency Auto Dialer gives you and your loved ones peace of mind by automatically dialing up to 9 phone numbers you pre-select at the press of the "panic" button on its included wireless keychain transmitter.
MRE: Meals Ready to Eat 



12 Meal entrées--cracker pack, chewing gum, spoon, coffee, sugar, salt, matches, jam and more!



Mountain House Best Seller Kit

Mountain House Best Seller Kit

Locks in the freshness, color, texture, and aroma of frozen food while providing the shelf-stable convenience of canned or dehydrated food.


 0 faraday flishlight.gif <Faraday Flashlight Never Needs Batteries or Bulbs

 Dynamo Hand-Crank Flashlight - Never needs batteries  

 National Geographic Hand-powered Emergency
 Radio  <"This multipurpose unit provides you with a radio, light and cell phone battery life when you need them most! The handcranked power generator charges the internal NiMH battery pack to power the unit for NOAA weather channels, TV VHF channels and your favorite radio stations. Great for camping, traveling in the car or anywhere electricity is nonexistent. 1-year limited warranty."

 The Cell Phone-Charging Hand-Crank Radio  

 Portable Rechargeable Radio.  <Portable Rechargeable Radio: Unlike bulky portable radios which regularly require new batteries, this compact unit has a rechargeable battery for seven hours of music per charge.

The Cell Phone-Charging Hand-Crank Radio: Hand-crank device supplies three important emergency tools: AM/FM/weather band radio, a flashlight, and a cell phone charger.

 Emergency AM/FM Shortwave Radio  <Emergency AM/FM Shortwave Radio:Listen to global radio broadcasts without batteries.


   Cobra - Pair, 22 Channel GMRS-FRS
 - PR145-2  

Cobra - Pair, 22 Channel GMRS-FRS Radio - PR145-2: UHF/FM ReceptionUp to 3-Mile Range22 ChannelsBattery Saver CircuitryCall Alert, alerts to incoming callsRoger Beep ToneAuto Squelch to shut out weak transmissions automaticallyEasy to Read LCD DisplayKeystroke Tone Signal

  Live in a 2 story home?  How will you escape in the event of fire?

  Electrical Generators and equipment:

It would be a good idea to have an electric generator to power your home or business and provide heating and/or cooling.  A generator should be of adequate output for what you want to power.  You can power your computers, lights, and phone system, but depending on the generator you may or not also be able to run your air conditioner, electric range, or electric oven.  Any generator connection should be installed or inspected by a qualified electrician.  Also, I recommend that a generator not be installed inside your office or home due to carbon monoxide in the exhaust.  I recommend that the generator be located in an out building or outside to be properly ventelated.

 "Coleman Powermate Generator — 5.5 HP,
 3000 Watt, Gasoline, Model#; PM52320217"       Coleman Powermate Generator  5.5 HP, 3000 Watt, Gasoline, Model PM52320217   

 "Coleman Powermate Generator — 3.5 HP, 1850 Watt, Gasoline, Model#; PMO401851"   

 "Coleman Powermate Generator — 11 HP, 5500 Watt, Gasoline, Model#; PMO52530017"  

 NorthStar Generator - 5000 Watt   

 "NorthStar Generator — 2700 Watt, 5 HP"  


"Generac Centurion Automatic Standby Generator — 7.8 HP, 3400 Watt, Liquid Propane"

"Generac Centurion Automatic Standby Generator — 7.8 HP, 3400 Watt, Liquid Propane"

"The ONLY install–it–yourself automatic standby generator on the market! Feel secure knowing you will have 24/7 protection against power outages with enough power to run your homes essential items. Easy to install because everything comes pre–wired. The generator runs off of two standard LP tanks (not included) and measures 34in.L x 20in.W x 38in.H. UL listed. Truck ship. U.S.A. 120V single–phase generator delivers 3400 Watts with 28.3 output amps Includes composite mounting pad and a 12V, Type U1 starting battery Powered by a 7.8 HP Generac OHVI, 220cc single–cylinder engine Engine has full–pressure lubrication and low–oil level/pressure shutdowns Power transfer monitor is NEMA 1, indoor–rated at 15 Amps PTM has 120V with dual 15 Amp GFCI outlets PTM comes with 6–ft. power/sensing cord with 4X plug power and 15–ft. pre–wired conduit Circuit breaker protected 2 indicator lamps for generator power (white) and utility available (green) Model 4791 Download product brochure ..."

"NorthStar Generator — Trifuel, 8000 Watt, 13 HP"

"NorthStar Generator — Trifuel, 8000 Watt, 13 HP"

"Switches effortlessly from gasoline to dry fuel without powering off. Engine shuts down when oil is low to protect engine life. 6.5 gallon tank runs for 9 hours at 1/2 load. Rubber isolation mounts dampen vibration for smooth operation. 6.6KW. Thermal circuit breaker protects over current conditions and nuisance tripping. Long term storage drain valve. Big stickers clearly explain generator functions and warnings. Poly coat paint resists scratches and corrosion. 31in. L x 23in. W x 22in. H. 2 year warranty. Order optional wheel kit # 165916 separately. Truck Ship. Dimensions L,W,H (inches): 31, 23, 22 Engine: Honda HP: 13 Fuel Type: Gasoline, liquid petroleum gas or natural gas Number of Receptacles: 5 Rated Wattage (120/240v): 6600 Watts Surge Wattage (120/240v): 8000 Watts Run Time at 1/2 Load (Hours): 9 Recp NEMA Plug #: 5-15R, 14-30L Plugs and battery sold separately"



 Guardian Generator Ready Kit     Guardian Generator Ready Kit

                                                   UPS (Uninterrupted Power Source)

An UPS (uninterrupted power source) will back up your PC allowing enough time to safely shut it down as well as usually protection from power surges.  I also uses an UPS on my phone system and my VCRs.  The UPS backup keeps my phone system protected and operational.  They also prevent the VCRs from losing memory and will record during a limited time in the event of power failure.

 Belkin Universal UPS - UPS ( external ) - 800 VA - UPS battery lead acid - 6 output connector(s)  

 APC Smart-UPS 620VA - UPS ( external ) - 620 VA - UPS battery lead acid - 4 output connector(s)  

 APC Back-UPS ES 350 - UPS ( external ) - 350 VA - UPS battery lead acid - 6 output connector(s)  

 Belkin Home Office 375VA UPS With Automatic Shutdown Software - UPS ( external ) - 350 VA - UPS battery - 6 output connector(s)  

 APC Back-UPS ES 725 Broadband - UPS - 725 VA - UPS battery lead acid - 8 output connector(s)  


Kerosene heaters are one option of heating.  Since the kerosene heater is producing live, hot flame care should be exercised that the heater is kept far enough from furniture or anything that could be combustable to prevent fire.  Also since combustion will produced carbon momoxide, the area must be properly ventilated.  Fuel should be stored in an approved storage container away from anything that could be a source that could ignite it.


                     ^^^^^Heat Mate(r) Radiant Kerosene Heater (HMHR1101)^^^^^

                                          "Dyna-Glo 10,000 BTU Radiant Kerosene Heater, Model# RMC-55R7"  

"Dyna-Glo 10,000 BTU Radiant Kerosene Heater, Model# RMC-55R7" 

"Ideal for emergencies or recreation, this radiant heater requires no electricity, heats 500 square feet and operates 12 hours on one filling. Automatic ignition and shut-off. Dimensions: 22in. x 12in. x 19in."

                                            "Dyna-Glo 23,000 BTU Portable Kerosene Heater, Model# RMC-95 C7"  

"Dyna-Glo 23,000 BTU Portable Kerosene Heater, Model# RMC-95 C7"

 "Justrite Kerosene Can — 5 Gallon, Type I, Blue"   "Justrite Kerosene Can — 5 Gallon, Type I, Blue"      

                   Coleman 1-Mantle Kerosene Lantern: CM  

Coleman 1-Mantle Kerosene Lantern: CM

3.99 lbs Powered by 1.3 pints of kerosene fuel 7 hours burn time         

 Faraday Flashlight 

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